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During my career, I have been privileged to work with some highly talented people. I have made every effort to learn from them, broadening my understanding of all issues regarding the development of software systems.

The following are people for whom I hold the highest respect for each are leading experts in their own right. Each of them has been kind enough to provide me with professional references that give me the credibility to do what I do.

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Nella Bishop
Ms. Bishop, VP of Engineering at SteelEye Technology, brought me into her team of expert software engineers delivering industry leading high availability cluster and data replication products. She led the introduction and implementation of the agile Scrum development methodology and made it extremely easy for her team members to focus on the important tasks and succeed in our mission. She is particularly good at understanding the nature of obstacles and quickly prioritizing tasks to achieve corporate delivery objectives.

Ernie Coskrey
As my product delivery manager at SteelEye Technology, Ernie provided both project management and an unusually high degree of technical expertise and leadership. Of all the technical experts with whom I have worked over the years, Ernie quickly earned a place in the very highest echelon. He could always be counted to provide just the right insight into any technical problem, no matter the complexity. His deep understanding of the SteelEye Windows data replication products is unparalleled.

Titus Purdin
Dr. Purdin, consulted with our group at Allidex in 2000 during the initial design phase of our project. In his capacity as an advisor, it was his role to facilitate the sessions as well as provide design review and guidance. His extensive experience in software system design was invaluable to the group as we began to give form to our ideas. I subsequently continued to work closely with Titus as I further refined our system in an effort to ensure construction of a flexible and comprehensive solution.

Dennis Cobb
During my tenure at Fusive, Dennis and I often teamed up on large high-profile projects and helped each other succeed. Dennis is extremely successful in dealing with non-technical business executives as well as keeping a diverse technical team on track. While not a strongly technical person himself, Dennis was very aware of my ability to understand the scope of a project as well as providing technical leadership to the team.

Don Bresett
When I worked with Don, he was my Project Manager and I was the Technical Architect on projects at MCI Systemhouse and EDS. Don always impressed me for his keen understanding of how to get a project done and delivered. I worked closely with him to provide technical expertise and help ensure that our project plans properly reflected the technical details involved. Don was in a position to observe my professional work habits and ability to translate technical issues into manageable components of the overall process.

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