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If your business depends on software for success, but you're not in the software development business, then you are a perfect candidate for Thundernet Development Group. We are an established team of seasoned software engineers who will help your business venture succeed.

Many companies, especially young ones, make the mistake of believing that they need to assemble an in-house staff of programmers to build the software products and services upon which your business will live or die. More often than not, the result is a poor quality team, tremendous mismanagement, missed deadlines, broken software, scaled back functionality, unhappy customers, etc. -- and this translates directly to lost dollars in terms of excessive expenses and missed opportunities.

Thundernet Development Group can save you money, give you higher quality, and allow you to focus on your business, not on the software construction business. Afterall, you didn't build your office, why should you build your software?

"Success is no accident ... we engineer it everyday."


Password Rules are Stupid
Common rules actually weaken security.

Best Practice ... Not!
This is one reason why "old" code can be touchy.

Wow! That was fast!
Making the right choices in your code can have huge payoffs in speed.

Ctors in Chains
Shrink your C++ code even more by chaining your constructors together.

Virtual Classes
Virtual base classes: what are they good for?!

Practice Makes Pretty Good
Become a master software engineer by practicing like a ninja warrior.

You Should Get Out More
Maintainability is the key to software success.

Why You Need Me
Seven reasons why I think you need me to work for you.

I Create Wealth
Or, why this is such a great business to be in.

Standards in Software
Software engineering standards are a necessary and good thing.

What is a Content Management System?
$10.5 billion will be spent on them this year (2003) alone, but what are they?

Top 10 Benefits of a Content Management System
So what good are they?

Do You Need a Blowfish?
What is a Blowfish? Does size matter? Is it right for me? Get your questions answered here.

Why Not Windows?
Don't just take my word for it ...

10 Attributes of a Professional Software Engineer
A truly professional software engineer stands out from the crowd. Here's what makes them different.

How to Score a Startup
Examine all these points of startup companies and see how they add up.

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