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I have over 30 years experience as a software engineer focused on developing complex systems with simple and maintainable designs.  This results in products that experience fewer issues, have shorter maintenance cycles, and lend themselves well to future needs/growth.  I make software less expensive to develop and far less expensive to maintain over its profitable lifetime.  I make sure that other engineers always enjoy working with my software.

I find it very rewarding to help take an idea, bring it into focus, and develop the realization of it.

I'm motivated by productivity and progress -- I get "jazzed" by the energy of a strong team.

I love the energy I get from developing a new idea with a team of peers "at a white board," experiencing the vision of what's possible, and visualizing a plan to make it happen.

  • Contributor to the design, development, and delivery of two commercial grade VoIP applications (soft phone and PTT) on Android platform in use by 65,000 users in a large well-known home hardware retail chain.
  • Maintenance and development of key audio handling components of mission-critical VoIP dispatch systems deployed by public safety, first responders, and large segments of transportation (trains and airlines), and government sectors.
  • Modifications and feature enhancements to high availability server clusters and data replication systems used in business continuity and disaster recovery plans in countless businesses, government, and military implementations around the World.
  • Delivery of new features and critical improvements in highly visible customer service call centers in support of very large segments of public and private sector health insurance.
  • Senior engineer developing 64-bit filesystem to operate on top of 32-bit platform supporting file sizes greatly exceeding limitations of the underlying filesystem.
  • Developed data encryption libraries and abstraction layers for NIST approved, FIPS compliant, encrypted file transport system tested for use by NASA and US Treasury.
  • Development and testing of board/chip bootstrap routine to bring up i960C hardware and load pSOS embedded kernel.
  • Contributed to new features and improvements in controlled access security systems in operation in many well-known large businesses and airports such as Baltimore-Washington International and Dallas Fort Worth.

      I have experience and expertise in the following:

      • VoIP dispatch radio/streaming audio
      • call centers
      • controlled access security systems
      • data backup and replication
      • server clustering and high availability
      • embedded RAID controllers

      I am most fluent with C, C++, Ruby, and Java programming languages, but I have also developed systems using PHP, SQL, REXX, and Perl.  I am as comfortable working with Microsoft Windows as any of the many flavors of Unix and Linux.

      I'm also proud to be cited as "source material" for university courses and scholarly research papers!

      What some others have said about me:

      "I worked with Alan as a consultant for a startup middleware software company.  We were thrown together to do difficult and detailed analysis and design work.  I found working with Alan to be immensely challenging and satisfying.  He is bright.  He is insightful.  He is intuitive.  And he draws freely and creatively from his broad technical background.  The solution for the startup company was a descriptive, interpreted language.  By the time the two of us had fleshed out the syntax and semantics of the language, he had a development plan and a timetable ready.  I was duly impressed.  I have been impressed with Alan, both as a worker and as a person, since I first worked with him.  He will be a great benefit to the firm that can use this much talent." Titus Purdin, Ph.D. University of Arizona

      "When one begins their career, they need someone to help them go from book knowledge to real world knowledge.  Alan Partis was the one person who recognized my potential and took the time to mentor me and teach me many of the basics that they don't teach in school.  To this day there are still many things I do a specific way due to his influence early in my career.  I appreciate his input and I strive to pass on as much of what I learned from him to everyone I coach and train."

      "I worked with Alan in a fast-paced and somewhat chaotic development environment where we were working closely with demanding customers under tight deadlines.  When Alan came on-board, he brought a much-needed level of leadership, organization, and vision to our projects.  His rapport with management and customer executives saved projects on more than one occasion.  It was due to his influence on the team that we were able to perform well and deliver the quality solutions our customers expect on time and within budget. I always appreciate working with professionals of his caliber."

      "It was always a pleasure to work with Alan.  He was always professional and on top of his craft.  I highly recommend him as a great catch for anybody who needs a fantastic programmer.  I would certainly hire him again if the chance arose."

      "Although I worked with Alan a few years ago, I was so impressed at that time with the quality of his work, good humor and great teamwork that I have remained in contact with him during the intervening years.  He continues to be a favorite associate of mine and I would be honored to work with him again in any capacity.  I highly recommend him and his tremendous work ethic for any and all opportunites where his technical acumen and teamwork would be appreciated.  He has my highest endorsement!"

      "Meticulous and thorough.  Highly experienced yet open minded.  A pleasure to work with."

      "Alan is a talented Software Engineer who has extensive experience in both client and server side programming.  He is a true professional at his craft and writes high quality code that is concise, efficient, and easy to maintain.  Alan is easy to work with and gets along with everyone.  I highly recommend Alan."

      "Alan is a very talented software engineer.  When I started at BlueCross, Alan helped me come up to speed on the software we were developing.  The software Alan develops is maintainable and high quality.  I would recommend Alan for any position that he seeks."

      Speaking and other Professional Activities

      • Speaker - "Internet Impact `98", 46th annual "Securities Industry Institute (SII)" by Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association at The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, March, 1998.

      • Adjunct Instructor - Developed and taught courses about Internet usage and Web site development, Palm Beach Community College, 1996 - 1997.


      • U.S. citizen

      • C2 Security Clearance (expired)

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